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  • Your Real Name
    Thor Kaizer
  • Your In-game Name
  • How long have you been playing CoD4 MP?
    I originally played since release on PS3 but transitioned to PC and the Promod scene around 2011-12 and have beeb loving it since
  • Any previous clans?
  • Tell us about yourself.
    Not really sure what to say here, im pretty boring i spend most of my time playing cod4 and writing music. I do want to say i just discovered these forums after playing so long and id like to be active here keeping our niche gaming community alive and strong.
  • How long do you play in our servers regularly?
    I play almost daily and exclusively on ZG servers for promod because of the freindly regulars and i have good connection i usually play for around 4-5 hours or more over the day

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On 7/28/2019 at 8:03 AM, zG|Armin said:

gl +1 from me ;)


2 hours ago, zG|chuck said:

Good luck dude and keep being active in the server and our discord too!

Thank you guys! and yes i will, im back to playing after a short break of a few days and will try to be on discord :)

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