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1vs1 Tournament

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Heyho everyone,

zG is planning to host a 1vs1 tournament. If you want to join this tournament you have to message me in discord or just do @incognito#0101 i want to join the event or sth like this. You have some time for that, i guess ill make the final contenstant list after 2 or 3 weeks.

The event itself will be like the soccer world championship. There will be groups of contestants and everyone in one group will 1vs1 everyone else in his group. The first 2 or 3 in each group will get to the next round, the k.o. phase. That means if you lose once you are out. Groups and battles will be drawn randomly. 

Rules are simple: 
- Sniper only
- Maps can be chosen freely as long as both players agree on one map, if they do not agree on the same map, a map will be randomly drawn out of the following list: Naout, Killhouse, Poolparty, Poolday or Nuketown (I can change the list for some time so if you have map wishes or suggestions, let me know)
- If both players want the same map, this map will be played. If the players cant agree on one map a zG member will draw one
- 1vs1s will be played until either the time is up or a player reaches 20 kills

So thats how it will happen: in 2 or 3 weeks ill draw the groups so that all of you know who you have to 1vs1. We will make an extra chat room. In this channel I will post the list with the groups. 1vs1s can take place whereever you want, but you either have to record the gameplay or a zG member has to watch so that we know who wins. I will also leak the scrim server ip and pw in the new chat room so you can use that for your battles too. After this phase is done, the k.o. battles will be drawn and you get to know who your new opponent will be. If you win a battle you have to fight someone else who won the first battle. Who loses is out. That way more and more players will be eliminated and at the end we get one winner. 

Advantage of this whole thing is that only two people have to be online at the same time, i think that way the event can easily take place although it will surely last for some times. Note that players who are too late or still didnt do their 1vs1s after a reasonable time will be warned or even kicked out of the event.

The winner will get a special reward, we dont know exactly what it will be but we think about certain rights and maybe even zG membership on a temporary basis. 

If you have any questions on the event, just ask me or zG|Mega

Shoutout to zG|Mega who will help me and zG|REY305 who gives us the scrim server and allows us to have rewards.


Reward are the following:

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