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  1. still waiting on proof
  2. doesnt matter what "proof" you think you have, I dont have hacks on my game.
  3. I've been told way too many times that I have cheats which is wrong, I understand that I might have a different play style then others but I'm willing to even record myself playing to prove there's no "cheats" on my game. As for the silent binding I dont understand how to do a silent bind so I I am not sure what that even means
  4. Your Real Name Ryan Your In-game Name Ryan How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? Over 6 years Any previous clans? No Tell us about yourself. I'm a college student from the United stats and I love to play Sniper promod every once in a while, its a fun relaxing way to get time killed quickly and there's few other games I find my self enjoying as much as this one. How long do you play in our servers regularly? Probably like 2 hours at least a day