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  1. Damn looks nice 💯😍💜
  2. +1 good luck
  3. +1 good luck uwu
  4. Pro player and friendly. +1 alexa, good luck.
  5. Very nice guy, active and nice player. +1 good luck.
  6. Hola Fabriccio! Me gusta tu solicitud pero te recomiendo que la traduzcas al inglés, ya que la mayoría en el team son del habla inglesa. +1 de parte mía. Buena suerte!
  7. Dont worry, still being an upvote.
  8. Behind all the problems that have been generated with him, I think he deserves a chance. He was waiting a long time for his request to be taken into consideration and he is also a good and friendly player. For my part you have my vote. Good Luck and Keep Being Active. ^^
  9. +1, im in love with this dude. Active and friendly
  10. +1 Hes active and nice player. Good Luck
  11. +1 Good luck and keep being active >•<
  12. Good player and friendly. +1 Good Luck. ☆•☆
  13. +1 keep being active ♡•♡
  14. Good player and friendly, but if u tell us little more about yourself, you give my upvote. ♡
  15. +1 good luck in the battlefield! 😉