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  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️
  3. What’s your id# on game?
  4. Already guys this is one of the best application feedback I seen in a while so let’s not hold no more. welcome to the team Jim. 🤙🏻
  5. Felipe, cuéntanos un poco más sobre ti. porque quieres ser parte de zg?
  6. Fabian, tell us a bit more about yourself. tell us why do you want to be part of this clan?
  7. Lol that’s a lot of hours😀. I like it👍🏻 +1 from me.
  8. I don’t know this guy, but his application made me lol a bit. No te conozco pero tu aplicación me hizo reír un poco. Si sao y sniper te escojen, pues con migo no hay problema. @Soy un Radiador<3
  9. Nvm no, need I talked to the admin that banned you, and in fact you were hacking. you will be banned for 1momth next time will be permanent.
  10. What name were you using when u got banned? what server were u playing on? and what’s your guide?
  11. Welcome to zG Brian. please @zG|Sniper<3 let him know the requirements ty.
  12. I guess no more discussion, let’s welcome our new member. armin welcome to the clan. before you get in I would like to let you know some requirements to stay in the clan, message me on discord so we can talk about them.
  13. That’s a pretty solid reason. but, hey now you don’t need to play on this shitty servers.
  14. @zG-Pinta entra a los servidores q juegas en zg y dime cual son tus xlrstats= cual es tu kd ratio, hay lo dice cuando pones !xlrstats