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  1. It's a tempban don't worry about that when it's permanent you should complain ... maybe they banned you like that at random but I don't believe that
  2. +1 Bro Gl <3
  3. I do not understand ... this player is respectable to be a member and has no answers ... he has been playing on servers for years and has improved a lot
  4. @zG|Sarada Do you have proof ?
  5. Well you deserve my +1 you are a good player .. stay active
  6. KFC I have played with you and you are really a good player .. despite the problems you have to join I will give you my vote Yes ... I only ask you for something .. Do not make the same mistake twice ... Good luck KFC
  7. I played with you .. you are good player and i hope you keep improving .. +1 GL bro ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Congratulations welcome to the clan bro
  9. Tigre +1 from me
  10. It would be better if you tell us more about yourself
  11. +1 from me
  12. Let's see I had several problems with you for the binds and for camping but I will give you my vote good luck
  13. habla tu por mi


    1. zG|Dabi=)


      Te mande un mensaje privado ... por hay hablemos