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  1. +1 Bro Gl <3
  2. I do not understand ... this player is respectable to be a member and has no answers ... he has been playing on servers for years and has improved a lot
  3. @zG|Sarada Do you have proof ?
  4. Well you deserve my +1 you are a good player .. stay active
  5. KFC I have played with you and you are really a good player .. despite the problems you have to join I will give you my vote Yes ... I only ask you for something .. Do not make the same mistake twice ... Good luck KFC
  6. I played with you .. you are good player and i hope you keep improving .. +1 GL bro ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Congratulations welcome to the clan bro
  8. Tigre +1 from me
  9. It would be better if you tell us more about yourself
  10. +1 from me
  11. Let's see I had several problems with you for the binds and for camping but I will give you my vote good luck
  12. habla tu por mi


    1. Dabi=)


      Te mande un mensaje privado ... por hay hablemos 

  13. Hola Manuel ... te recomiendo que hagas la encuesta otra vez pero en ingles ya que la mayoria de aqui habla ese idioma