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  1. Hey Guys, watch this and tell me he is not.... .. but im sure Mendez ur new member is hacking. Begin is in round 3 first two rounds he gots a 999... (a good player for watching this is http://www.cybopat.net/vb_cod4player_eng.php u can switch on LightGrid and u will see, he everytime knows where someone is. or does anyone got a better player for me? demo0010_Mendez.dm_1
  2. got a new one.. only sniper server MER MAD watch Demo 20190709_MERMAD.dm_1
  3. Hey there, got a new hacker! pls Ban Name Dragon..... This Time with Demo! Sniper Only Server atm.... 20190523_demo_Dragon.dm_1
  4. I have to thank you. <3
  5. Hola Amigos, i have to report tree guys. 1. £ß or £ß ¤ 100% shure has WH 2. .:@tej:. 90% shure has WH 3. CHOR1 maybe has also WH Hopfully it will help you.