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  1. You actually telling me "A**hole" ahahahaha love that cya in the game broo
  2. Hello Dabi, quite some time I dindn't seen you, thank you, and I hope you will join back soon on the Sniper only <3
  3. A yes-vote or a +1 in the comment will be good to see since without one of 2 the vote do not count
  4. In fact was not an insult, just said that from my pov, he was covering the back of the other guy. I didnt said any common insult, like stupi*, idio* or even worst insults. I DONT SAID ANY OF THAT. Just to make clear. Thank for the clarification Sniper
  5. None of those are true. breaking rules (disrepecting an admin and to a certain extend offensive behavior) and do not respect others zG's members decisions Dunno who you are looking at. Bye
  6. Any reason for your "NO"?
  7. This is the video. clearly unfair advantage over other players.
  8. I have the video proof, so, let's see how I can upload it here,so other people can tell if is not true. And I don't see anything wrong with my text, maybe a little bit salty, but nothing extreme,so yeah, screenshotter, I still think there is something strange in the server.
  9. Any update guys?
  10. Yes ahahahaha, nice one Do you like the big bucket from kfc? I love it eheheh Anyway, now Im eating healthy foods, so yeah, less KFC for me <3
  11. Yes I Will ,since I like the servers and people are funny
  12. Thank you man, cya in da server
  13. Maybe you confusing me with someone else The only Ban i received was a wrong ban I suppose, since there was no proofs, and no ss provided, either reason. And 1 temp ban since I pressed my !knife bind 3-4 times, by mistake, and I triggered the spammer. Mike.
  14. My friend do not play with me in your servers, he is called SuperDavide Italian guy, very nice one
  15. Your Real Name Mike Your In-game Name LoveKFC How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? Since 2008 Any previous clans? Too many. Tell us about yourself. I play this game daily, with a friend of mine. From Italy, and I enjoy your servers :) How long do you play in our servers regularly? since some months now, and i play daily