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  1. nice. gl bro about ur studies and job. and gl about being accepted. its +1 from me
  2. sorry but u need to tell us about yourself like about ur hobbies or what u do in real life .........
  3. Gl +1
  4. soo u were a member. but what did happen? i mean why u r not in team rn
  5. GL BRO +1
  6. Best tell us about yourself part ever. Thank u abkut that. U r a good player wish u best. Gl +1
  7. Its good to read some tell about ur self parts like this. Gl +1. And ur a good player.
  8. Finally a great topic and a great talk about ur self part. U r a great player +1 from me
  9. +1 but as sniper said u have to tell us more about yourself
  10. +1 and gl bro
  11. +1 for me and gl bro
  12. Gl +1 for me
  13. Welcome to the lady <3 Congratulations
  14. Welcome to the clan bro <3 Congratulations