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  1. +1 gl
  2. I have a vídeo of you where you are using wh but you hide it very well and I have another one where you are abusing the silent bind. do you want me to teach the tests?
  3. No cheats on zG and no fast fire binds (silent bind)
  4. +1, buena suerte amigo, se que eres muy buena persona y un buen jugador
  5. +1 gl bro
  6. +1 gl bro
  7. +1 gl
  8. Gl bro +1 for me
  9. Good Luck, darling
  10. Good Luck bro
  11. Quisiera entrar a su clan Your Real Name Luis C. Your In-game Name Sarada How long have you been playing CoD4 MP?: 2 Años Any previous clans? IGS Tell us about yourself. Trabajo y juego mientras puedo How long do you play in our servers regularly? de 2 a 3 hora