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  1. A big +1 from me too
  2. You banned him for this? If i banned every1 who said that we would lose at least 5 people playing in the server every day
  3. Got my upvote too +1
  4. He's pretty good so he's got my vote +1
  5. Why does chuck have such a fancy text box? Anyway, i dont play no more but i remember you....not the best player but good and active
  6. tidy up that crap on your desk son, otherwise ill shorten your pocket money
  7. weird ass phone number lol
  8. =3165373734
  9. Oh so thats visualz
  10. You are the only one who can do that hahaha
  11. https://discord.gg/pFahVKQ
  12. https://zg-gaming.co/index.php?/application/
  13. Hell yea...upvote from me
  14. Where do you want to study yuri? If its germany you have my vote
  15. Google translate failed once more