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  1. ayyyy good luck
  2. Gl KFC btw gimme my bucket of chicken wings
  3. I know this application its been awhile but if someone asks you to tell about yourself, the only thing you say "I am a sniper player" tell us about your interests, hobbies age do you study or work whatever. Just don't be that basic
  4. +1 Gl bro
  5. We just wanna know about yourself not your big interest on joining zG, like for example what you do for a living, hobbies what you like , etc etc.
  6. I would love not being the only portuguese but I don't see your name pretty often, what server you play the most of our clan?
  7. Gl +1
  8. I've seen you play allot of times and you are good player no doubt. Gl
  9. thanks for the comments ma dudes
  10. Actually its one of my options. The others are UK, Netherlands and Canada. But I'm probally going with UK or Germany
  11. Your Real Name Sandro Your In-game Name Yuri$wise How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? Around 2011/12 Any previous clans? Some portuguese clan's - iQ, OldSchool, 9Life Tell us about yourself. I'm Sandro most of people that know me call me "Yuri". Im just a dude with 18 years old on his gap year, I'm not currently studying because I'm gathering money to go study abroad next year so I have a job as bartender helper. I think I'm not a bad player but I could be better. How long do you play in our servers regularly? 3-2 hours Your Name Sandro