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  1. http://kinofanonline.net/16674-gilermo-del-toro-peresnimet-argentinskiy-uzhastik.html

  2. finally i found ur app x.D +1 and gl bro
  3. +1 babe, good luck
  4. +1 from me, buena suerte fer Si puedes poner tu app en ingles nos ayudarías a todos
  5. Hola Sniper :3


    1. Fer-=Sniper-=


      Hice de llenar el Formulario pero no puedo usar el tag aun :c


  6. +1 from me alexa, Gl
  7. i was member there, 5 years ago. Good times :')
  8. what u mean with ar51 servers? 1.0 version?
  9. bro, I didn't know , My condolences to your friend. I hope you get far in the clan, I see that you are a person who deserves to be in the clan (for my part). Good luck that in zG a new stage begins for you
  10. he is zG|Related
  11. +1 from me, gl bro
  12. Hola bro soy adez mandame un mensaje privado porfa


  13. +1 from me, GL
  14. hmm, why this app is without answer? this guy is a good player and active, is not toxic and always follow the rules It still being +1 from me
  15. this guys is troller x.d. wacth it