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  1. Alright awesome thank you rey!
  2. Render or Rob but I change my in game name a lot:( by R3Y on the Sniper Only Server again I sincerely apologize. I won't use chat at all if I get unbanned, just miss playing with everyone.
  3. Hi, was wondering if I could possibly get my perma-ban lifted. I waited a few months and took some time to think about what I did wrong and I can promise you that it won't happen again. I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys can forgive me, I've played on the server for years and I hope I can play again someday.
  4. So who do I contact to get unbanned? Why do you think using the permaban feature on everyone is a good idea?
  5. Saying 'watch your words' is a warning, but do you think it's okay to jump straight to perma banning me?
  6. Everybody else that gets banned gets temp banned, but I get a perma ban after I wasn't even warned? Wow you need help lol -Rob
  7. Render or Rob, either way you didn't give me any type of warning and just perma banned me out of no where. Why did you ban me? I've been on zG servers for literally YEARS and haven't seen someone get banned without warning. And you perma banned me? Jesus christ dude
  8. I just got banned by REY, I didn't get any type of warning or anything just got perm banned for no reason at all. -Rob