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  1. lol u never fail to amaze me... oh well im gonna miss rekting ur ass...
  2. ight i'll look into it today
  3. I've unbanned you but u were looking on people and it happened 3 or 4 times not only me. might not be aimbot but aim assist, that shit doesn't come in ss.
  4. the real award is nudes from mega and fgt (which is bad so don't win)
  5. nahhhh, dude u need to write more and ur the guy with 250 + ping... gotta fix that first
  6. +1 from me
  7. hmm seen him somewhere
  8. welcome (im late asf)
  9. sure hit us with more info.
  10. dude 2 or 3 ppl were also calling you out for that weird thing... maybe it was the glich. I have nothing against you, i dont even know you or see you play in server, i'll unban you just for that cuz its a rare case without any proofs..
  11. explain that
  12. yeah i banned him and i remembered everything.. it was poolday, tdm map. i was playing suddenly i was getting killed out of nowhere... he was flying around the map nor in any team, like when u ghost around when u specing, but this time he had a sniper... that was freaking weird asf..
  13. dont play with me i got the monster in here
  14. hey i just want 1v1 man