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  1. Since we don't have Sarada proof, there is nothing more to say about this subject. But recruitment is off for now
  2. Serious and already taking care of the server with his reports, +1 from me
  3. Damn that's a lot of time i didn't hear about AR51 servers haha, did you played TDW too? (it was before AR51 ^^) Sad about your friend, but i m trully happy to read how you reacted to it and that you choosed to joined zG and you want to manage it at best you can to get the prestige with it. On this point, good luck and if you need any help for stuff in zG moderation or any question/stuff you want to speak about, feel free to pm me And good introduction btw, it was a good idea to make this post
  4. Sarada, if you have proofs, or atleast a video of his gameplay, it s time to show it, since this application is already asking for it... Ryan, without accusing of anything without proof, i guess you can understand we can't give any positive answer without figuring out if those accusations are right or wrong, if you are clean ofc i m sorry about this...
  5. Thanks for the report iFimo, we are watching it and speaking about it already. We will answer to it once most of members agree on a decisions and after speaking directly with mendez. More personnaly, i m sorry about this kind of situation, and i hope you still have time to have fun on our server
  6. Did you even look at others application? ^^ Do something like that : Your Real Name Your In-game Name How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? Any previous clans? Tell us about yourself. How long do you play in our servers regularly?
  7. Active and nice player. +1
  8. NO Be patient, look at the amount of people already asking to be zG member since months, you only got two people voting for you. Keep being active, keep being nice, people will naturally end knowing you and you will get votes like that
  9. Just add it here as an answer
  10. To the section "Tell us about yourself", here is his answer: I'm 14 years old cod since I was 11 years old, I study, I know the server because I was looking for fun servers Only Sniper too I want to be part of the clan to be able to help and keep the server stable
  11. Alright Thanks mate, you got my +1
  12. Oh sorry yeah i wrote it wrong, since how much time? some weeks/some months/some years?
  13. Hey man, do you mind telling us since how many times you play on zG's server? We like to answer depending on people's activity
  14. As everyone already called you a beast, i am happy to welcome you in the zG clan Don't forget to join the discord with all of us
  15. I am happy to be the First one welcoming you in the zG Clan Don't forget to join our discord