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    Hi everyone i just wanted to introduce myself as i was recently accepted as a member here in zG! I see not many people go on the actual forums here so this will be for fun mostly, althought i want to tell a kind of sad story. First off my real name is Thor (yeah i got the looks too ) and i have been playing zG pretty much exclusively for promod for the last few months (before this i had a 2 yr or so break from cod4 pc i played on AR51 and blackout(?) before) and i would like to tell you guys why i am happy to be a member and stick to your servers. I dont know if anyone that reads this will know or remember but i started playing these servers as BananaBread and i played daily daily daily i had lots of fun but i went thru a very bad time when a close friend of mine (May he rest peacefully <3 <3) passed away, I changed my name to BananaSunday in honor of him (His last name was sunday) and i talked to some members on sever ab it a little bit (Sniper<3 is who i remember) but all of the members and players were amazingly friendly and they helped me thru that hard time and wished me luck and just made it a great time to keep playing here because i would have lost motivation to play after what happened but now its back and stronger than ever. My goal is to reach Max presteige in my friends name and become staff of these awesome servers given the chance. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a Member of your community. RIP Trev <3 I play for you everyday buddy <3
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    Recruitment for zG membership is closed until further notice.