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    Your name in the game jose ricardo duarte diaz Nick name Chewy How long have you been playing CoD4 ? 4 years Some previous clans? PDC Tell us about you. I AM A PERSON WHO ALWAYS LIKES TO SHARE AND LEARN EVERY DAY MORE IN WHAT I DO. I LIKE ALWAYS TO BE IN THE TOP WHEN I'M PLAYING. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER IN THIS CLAN. I play in 2.16 more than anything and little in 2.20 of 5 to 6 hours daily
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    +1 i always see this guy he is respective and always follow the rules . GOOD LUCK .
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    How do i vote for him, played with him alot for about a year now. Ec=ven when he was in PDC i knew him good dude, some pretty nice KS's as well
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    good player and active, u got my upvote. Gl
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    Hmm so Mr. weird whisper u decided to join lol i see, seen u lots on sniper only hasn't u havn't done anything worng that i known of and overall good player. Keeo it up! 👍🏻
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    Active player known u lots from 2.16 👍🏻
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    +1, buena suerte amigo, se que eres muy buena persona y un buen jugador
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    +1, te doy mi voto ya que eres una persona que sigue las reglas, pero necesitas mas actividad en nuestro servidores, Buena suerte
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    +1 bro, espero que tengas suerte esta vez x.D GL
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    nice. gl bro about ur studies and job. and gl about being accepted. its +1 from me
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    Good player! Keep it up.
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    Very active and also a good player and friendly +1
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    Sounds grate! Repectable player aswell.
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    +1 from me and gl bro
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    Well, Sarada already commented, but if you want me to comment on something, it will be a Maybe, until I know you, since I do not remember playing with you and I do not know what attitude you have.
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    Quisiera entrar a su clan
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    Your Real Name Your In-game Name How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? Any previous clans? Tell us about yourself. How long do you play in our servers regularly? Your Name Edita tu app o has una nueva, y luego copia estas preguntas y respondelas. La app puede tomar tiempo para ser respondida.