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    I know this is late but thank you all so much for such a warm, kind welcome and I hope to be here and having fun with you all for many years to come!
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    Hi everyone i just wanted to introduce myself as i was recently accepted as a member here in zG! I see not many people go on the actual forums here so this will be for fun mostly, althought i want to tell a kind of sad story. First off my real name is Thor (yeah i got the looks too ) and i have been playing zG pretty much exclusively for promod for the last few months (before this i had a 2 yr or so break from cod4 pc i played on AR51 and blackout(?) before) and i would like to tell you guys why i am happy to be a member and stick to your servers. I dont know if anyone that reads this will know or remember but i started playing these servers as BananaBread and i played daily daily daily i had lots of fun but i went thru a very bad time when a close friend of mine (May he rest peacefully <3 <3) passed away, I changed my name to BananaSunday in honor of him (His last name was sunday) and i talked to some members on sever ab it a little bit (Sniper<3 is who i remember) but all of the members and players were amazingly friendly and they helped me thru that hard time and wished me luck and just made it a great time to keep playing here because i would have lost motivation to play after what happened but now its back and stronger than ever. My goal is to reach Max presteige in my friends name and become staff of these awesome servers given the chance. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a Member of your community. RIP Trev <3 I play for you everyday buddy <3
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    Damn that's a lot of time i didn't hear about AR51 servers haha, did you played TDW too? (it was before AR51 ^^) Sad about your friend, but i m trully happy to read how you reacted to it and that you choosed to joined zG and you want to manage it at best you can to get the prestige with it. On this point, good luck and if you need any help for stuff in zG moderation or any question/stuff you want to speak about, feel free to pm me And good introduction btw, it was a good idea to make this post
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    bro, I didn't know , My condolences to your friend. I hope you get far in the clan, I see that you are a person who deserves to be in the clan (for my part). Good luck that in zG a new stage begins for you
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    +1 keep being active ♡•♡
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    Your Real Name Donald Davis Your In-game Name W!nT3rCr@zY How long have you been playing CoD4 MP? around 5 years Any previous clans? =AG=, CM, h4x Tell us about yourself. Im a jamaican dude who's a bit american minded. Im very friendly as some of you reading this might know. I love music, its the best thing on this earth. Im 17 years old and im in grade12. I love cod...its my favorite game to be honest. I love this server. Not really sure what else to say so that's it How long do you play in our servers regularly? A really long time...Im there basically everyday for atleast 2 hours
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    hmm, why this app is without answer? this guy is a good player and active, is not toxic and always follow the rules It still being +1 from me
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    Alright I was giving some time to see what people thought about acid but it’s clearly we all want you to be part of this clan. So congratulations you’re in. next time am on I’ll add you to the member list if not just ask one of the admins that can.
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    Let's see I had several problems with you for the binds and for camping but I will give you my vote good luck
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    Hey Guys, watch this and tell me he is not.... .. but im sure Mendez ur new member is hacking. Begin is in round 3 first two rounds he gots a 999... (a good player for watching this is http://www.cybopat.net/vb_cod4player_eng.php u can switch on LightGrid and u will see, he everytime knows where someone is. or does anyone got a better player for me? demo0010_Mendez.dm_1